Negri & Haysom inaugural scholarship recipients
Date of Event Cricket Southern Bayside: Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:49AM
Clare Haysom and Tom Negri with Stuart Jensen (iGoDirect) and Paul Jensen (CSB Umpire Manager)

Cricket Southern Bayside is proud to announce the launch of the iGoDirect Umpire Scholarship program. 


As part of the scholarship, CSB will reimburse all initial costs of registration, uniforms and accreditation/classes. 


Paul Jensen, CSB Umpire Manager believes this scholarship is the perfect way to attract those who have stepped away from cricket to join back in. 


“We’re want more ex-players to take on umpiring”, Jensen said. “They are the best because they’ve come straight from the playing field. The scholarship will now allow us to target that market.”


Clare Haysom and Thomas Negri, inaugural holders of the iGoDirect Umpire Scholarship, are excited for the season ahead and to step out on the field for their first games.


Haysom is still currently playing and believes the extra skillset that umpiring brings has given her a better insight on how difficult the role is.


“With the further understanding and appreciation for what the umpires do out on the ground, I think that when I play I’ll be able to approach it with a more moderate and understanding view during the game,” Haysom said. 


“Alongside Cricket Southern Bayside and Cricket Victoria, the communication has been fantastic to help us understand what we needed to do and how exactly the sponsorship came to us”, Negri said. 


iGoDirect General Manager of Analytics and Operations Stuart Jensen is excited for this partnership and what it can bring to the community. 


“We saw this as a really good opportunity to work with them to help promote umpires, bring some up and comers through the scholarship program, and ultimately work with them so they can really drive what umpiring is all about.”


“There are so many people involved in local sport,” Stuart said. “To be able to help some people who are interested in the game up through, absolutely that’s what we want to do.”


“The opportunity to work with an organisation we haven’t traditionally worked with, which is sporting clubs, we see that as a real synergy of what we can bring to help CSB recruit new people and recruit new umpires.”


For more information on umpiring, or to get involved, email  


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