CSB T20 Competition
Date of Event Cricket Southern Bayside: Thu Nov 7, 2019 2:59PM

With the Cricket Southern Bayside T20 Competition kicking off this Tuesday night, we felt it was important to highlight some important information about the competition.


Qualifying Pools

To ensure minimal travel for players and supporters, we have geographically aligned the qualifying pools as much as possible. We hope that this will also ensure the continuation of local rivalries which wouldn’t normally take place given the promotion/relegation structure of the Saturday competitions.



Aspendale, Bonbeach, Chelsea, St Brigid’s/St Louis.


Mordialloc, Old Mentonians, Parkdale, Parkdale United.


Bayside, Beaumaris, Cheltenham, Mentone.


Carnegie, Clayton District, Monash Tigers Academy, Murrumbeena.


Maccabi AJAX, Middle Park, South Caulfield, South Yarra.


Brighton District, Bentleigh, Hampton, McKinnon.



The top placed team in each of the Qualifying Pools will advance to the Quarter Finals. Two ‘wildcards’ teams will also advance to take up the 7th and 8th position. The wildcard teams will be decided by matches won and net run rate.


The Quarter Finals draw will take place on Wednesday 11th December by lottery. The Semi Finals draw will take place on Wednesday 19th December by lottery.


The draw for home field advantage for the Final will take place on Wednesday 15th January.


Marquee Players

Each team is permitted to play one (1) ‘Marquee Player’ per match. A Marquee Player is defined as a player who currently plays Saturday cricket with another club (and would typically require a clearance to be eligible for selection in Saturday/Sunday competitions).

The process to submit a permit for a Marquee Player is:

  • Transfer (as opposed to clear) the player in MyCricket to your Club (if they aren’t already a player on your Club’s list).
  • Submit a Permit with the Permit Type being ‘Consent’ by 5:30pm on the Monday prior to the match in which you want them to participate in.


A club may have multiple marquee players throughout the tournament, but only one can play in each match.


A marquee player will receive a player point allocation and must fit into a 21 point cap for any team.


Basic Rules

  • Twenty Overs per side
  • Matches to start between 5:15pm - 5:30pm
  • 5 overs to be bowled from one end before changing ends
  • Fielding Restrictions (For the first 6 overs only 2 players allowed outside infield circle, five players after that)
  • Maximum of 4 overs per bowler
  • Duckworth/Lewis Calculator required for rain interrupted matches
  • Super Over for matches which end in a tie.

 Super Over Procedure

  • Team batting second in match will bat first in the Super Over
  • Fielding side to choose which end to bowl from
  • Teams to use the same ball they bowled with during the match
  • Five fielders are allowed outside of the infield circle.
  • If the Super Over ends in a tie the points will be split (in the Finals an additional over will be bowled)


A minimum of one umpire will be allocated to every match.


Matches with just one CSB umpire in attendance will require a member of the batting side to stand at square leg.

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